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Lil B - I Own Swag lyrics

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I Own Swag by Lil B

Intro: Yeah like I said, it's ur boy Lil B, God's Father Mixtape, u already know how I do man - I kill shit.
Rip the rap game up, the mufuking everything man - we got rich and everything.
-Verse 1-
Bitch I own swag, I'm a star like I'm in Sac, I'm so fab like I'm in Sac I tot that tech and I hold that mac
Bought a few scratches up on that gun I straight spit like I ain't got no tongue, bitch came asking me questions
"Where is my car?" - Bitch which one?
-Verse 2-
No Lil B then it aint no fun, everything cool til I bought that blunt, everyone talking weed bitch I got that gun, pour me a cup bitch, lets get drunk, I don't come alone I just Dunk * I'm so hiiiiiigh* over this weed I be high bitch it's str8 from the hood, shit.
-Verse 3-
Evil basedgod, drop my top and I don't get robbed, never say never but I never been robbed, trynna jack me -- go get a day-job, like Mac Dre - that's not my job but that's my bitch *OO SHIT* she told me things I wouldn't even say, went on a date and I fucked her face.
-Verse 4-
Hasta La Vista, I'm looking for a senorita, mexican, brazilian, nicaraguan that's what I meant, 2 bring 2 that are actually pass em, put em all down I don't pass em I cuff em, YES bitch I said cuff em, fucked her in the ass that's where I left it
-Verse 5-
POP the viagra and I'm feeling like mace no homo bitch imma take that case, real talk bruh imma fuck her in the face, made a pretty bitch, here all day, sittin on my ass making mill all day,
-Verse 6-
A-rod, I'm overseas like j-sean, call me daddy yankee fucking bad bitches -
Yankee yankee, based god, u hatin on me that's not my prob, I'm livin in a world where people talk shit, ladies get mad coz I talk a lil shit, I don't even care, ass so square - imma badboy like yalanite whoever the fuck is suited like choppa then, more money more problems like Papi-o
R.I.P My young nigga might pop a pill, last year I almost made a mill, run the rap game and I ain't got no deal

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