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Lil B - Dior Denim lyrics

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Dior Denim by Lil B

[Verse 1]
b**ch you know what the f**k this is (Swag)
Based doubled out with the pussy on top
Ask my cousin if I spank them b**ches
Know if she suck dick, I’ma take them b**ches
With a mouth full of spit
Pay 50 thousand dollars for a top notch b**ch
Girls love me cause I punish them b**ches
For talking
Went to New York to the Yankee Stadium
f**k 30 b**ches, dude you be raping ’em
f**k model girls in the ass, I’m classy
Young BasedGod told the b**ch she nasty
Paid a couple G’s just to pop some bottles
I be f**king hood rats and I f**k them models
Don’t discriminate even though I’m famous
[?] be surprised when I come to the hood
Got a iced out ring b**ch look like Jesus
Got the chrome .45 with extended pieces
b**ch I be looking so good
I’m like baby, come from the hood
Real nigga, yeah b**ch
Ayy b**ch, I’m a-I’m a real nigga with a 50 inch dick
A-list model, b**ch you can suck my dick
[Verse 2]
In LA with Travis Barker
Riding in the scr*per, no Aston Martin
Real niggas don’t divide, we just keep on riding, you feel me
[Interlude 2]
Red Flame Devil Music
Ayy I got a f**king chest cold and I’m still doing sh*t
b**ch that’s why I’m relaxed b**ch
I got a f**king bronchio-cold or something
Whatever it is
Got a little mucus in my chest f**king b**ch
And the b**ches still suck my dick cause they love me
b**ches love me
I don’t understand how niggas be calling me gay when all the b**ches love me

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