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Lila McCann - Lide a rocket lyrics

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Lide a rocket by Lila McCann

Like A Rocket
Used to be the fastest thing in this whole town
Was a red Corvette with the top rolled down
But next to you on Blackhawk Hill
Makes that look like it standing still
I never felt like this with no one else
Yeah, when we kiss I have to brace myself
Like a rocket, this love
Is breathtaking, earth shaking, taking off
I can't stop it, can't get enough
Every single time I look in your eyes
Baby my heart ignites
Like a rocket
Yeah, so much emotion might seem radical
Completely unpredictable
We're puttin passion to the test
And that's the part I love the best
Even gravity can't hold us back
There's nothing but the moon and stars in our path
The kinda love we got
Is bigger than the both of us
Hold on baby...3, 2, 1
Like a racket

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