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Could've Had Me Lyrics

Lex Land


Could've Had Me Song Lyrics

Could've Had Me by Lex Land

Yeah, if you wanted me, you could've had me, baby,
A long time ago, easier than you know.
You were the sun, or the moon pullin' the tide.
You were the clouds wrappin' 'round my head in the sky.

Yeah, if you wanted me,
You could've had me, baby.
Oh you should've seen me, on my knees all sad and cryin' -
But you never cared to look. No, you were too busy lyin'...
So I professed my love, and was answered by an empty room,
And now you're returning, and beggin' me to forgive you.

Oh, but I'm sorry, babe,
You could've had me (if you wanted me)...

If you wanted me, you could've had all of me!
Oh, and I wanted you, babe, but you wouldn't have none of it!

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