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Level 42 lyrics

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Lyrics for album: Retroglide (2006)

Lyrics for album: Running in the Family (2005)

Lyrics for album: The Early Tapes (2000)

Lyrics for album: Forever Now (1999)

Lyrics for album: Remixes (1998)

Lyrics for album: Turn It On (1998)

Lyrics for album: Live at Wembley (1996)

Lyrics for album: Forever Now (resurgence) (1995)

Lyrics for album: Forever Now [Resurgent] (1995)

Lyrics for album: Guaranteed (1990)

Lyrics for album: Staring at the Sun (1988)

Lyrics for album: A Physical Presence (1985)

Lyrics for album: World Machine (1985)

100 Years Of Solitude
3 Friends
4 A.M.
61 Minutes Of Pleading
A Chorus Line
A physical presence
A Promise
Another Man's Cause
Aspects Of Spirit
Barrel Of A Gun
Battle Of The Beanfield
Beautiful Day
Blind Faith
Broken Circles
Burford Stomp
Captains' Courageous
Carry Me
Chemically Free
Come On
Come On (Dub)
Coup D'etat
Dirty Davey
Do It Again Tomorrow
Dog Train
Dream Crazy
Edge Of The World
England My Home
English Civil War
Falling From The Tree
Far Away
Far From Home
Fifteen Years
For Us All
Forgotten Ground
Four Winds
Germ Free Adolescence
Gold And Silver
Good man in the storm
Hang On To Your Ego
Happy Birthday Revolution
Hard Fight
Haven't Made It
Haven't Made It Yet
Hope St.
Hope Street
I Have No Answers
I Sleep On My Heart
Is This Art ?
It's Not The Same For Us
Just The One
Last Man Alive
Leave This Town
Leaving me now
Liberty Song
Lowloands Of Holland
Lying still
Maid Of The River
Make U Happy
Modern Day Tragedy
Mouth To Mouth
No Change
Not What We Wanted
One Way
P.C. Keen
Pretty Target
Price Of Love
Rain And Snow
Red Sun Burns
Said And Done
Sail Away
Saturday To Sunday
Sell Out
Sold England
Something about you
The Ballad Of Robbie Jones
The Boatman
The chant has begun
The Devil Went Down To Gorgia
The Fear
The Game
The Likes Of You And I
The Player
The Road
The Weed That Killed Elvis
This Garden
Three Friends
Together All The Way
Too Real
Voices On The Wind
Wake The World
Walk Lightly
What A Beautiful Day
What You Know
What's In The Way
When Love Runs Out Of Time
Where The Hell Are We Going To Live?
Wild As Angels
Wild As Angels (Dub)
World Freak Show
World machine
Your House

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