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Legend - Badgirl lyrics

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Badgirl by Legend

Badgirl, I'm missing you
Badgirl, you know that it's true
Remember the days when loving was fun, you said that I was the only one
Badgirl, why did you go?
Badgirl, I guess I'm too slow
Badgirl, when (are) you coming home?
Badgirl, can't leave you alone
You came obsessed with a love I can't give
Then went trough me like sand through a sieve
Badgirl, why can't you stay?
Badgirl, don't leave me this way
Badgirl, I miss you tonight
Badgirl, will you be alright?
Living the nightlife is living for fun
Take love and money from everyone
Badgirl, if only you'd stay
Badgirl, I'd love you this way

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