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La Plebe - Que Barbaridad lyrics

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Que Barbaridad by La Plebe

All the greasers and the skins
And the crusties drinkin' gin
Sidewalk trash, got no cash
Low life scum
Bottle of rum
Tanqueray? no f**kin' way!
The market brand is in your hand
Punched in the face for drinkin' cheap liquor
Livin' life ain't gettin' no cheaper
¡Que barbaridad!
Que vivimos en un mundo así!
¡Que barbaridad!
Drogas antes que'l maíz
You're living life the way you wanna live it
You're talking sh*t but you know you don't believe it
Ask me for a quarter cuz you're trying to fill a vein
Squatting down on Market cuz you didn't pay your rent
De esta vida, lo puedo saber
Todos tienen vicio yo lo puedo entender
Y una madre pobre y joven con nada que tragar
La vida que tu escojes es su realidad
Io sono brutto stupendo, e stupido
Ma la gente e rumorosa forse
La vita bella sempre rinomata
Libertad... Que Barbaridad!

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