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Landau James Ef - Kvetchy the Teacher lyrics

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Kvetchy the Teacher by Landau James Ef

(Sung to the tune of "Frosty the Snowman")
Kvetchy the teacher
Was a total pedagogue;
Did a student make
But a sole mistake,
She would mark it in her log.
She disciplined
Like the monsoon wind
And gave many a detention;
If someone still
Broke her rules: "I will
Assign you a suspension!"
Kvetchy the teacher
Was as mean as mean could be;
Not a student smiled
Who had been beguiled
By her visage of amiability.
She bestowed
A rigid code
Of propriety and prudence;
And if someone broke
The rules she spoke,
She would go yell at her students.
Kvetchy the teacher
Was a disciplinary type;
She was really mean
And is turning green
As she is quite "underripe".
She was rude,
In fact, plain crude,
In her invective speech;
To listen to
Her scream at you
Was no day at the beach.
Kvetchy the teacher
Had a smell like that of ordure;
But we've never yet
Had a chance to get
Rid of her and all her torture.

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