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Labrat - Clint eastwood is very hard, innit lyrics

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Clint eastwood is very hard, innit by Labrat

I am an asexual god
The self breeding mother of hate
Or maybe that's just how I feel
I reflect what I receive every day
In my world so full of lies
I reflect the pain I suffer every time
I spit out your filthy ugly name
It seems you radiate the sun
Inside you were hit with the ugly stick
I never ever felt more dead
Than when I got inside you
This extension of my hand
Will rid us all of sh*t like you
Could take your head clean off your neck
If I f**king wanted it too
Bad men will speak my name in fear
Cower back from Callaghan
Enforce the feelings I believe
Cos I'm the mother-f**king man
Cower back in fear.

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