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Krokus - The Road Of Salvation lyrics

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The Road Of Salvation by Krokus

Rising sun is just beginning
Poseidon seems appeased today
The sea is calm, the breeze slight
My ship glides slowly over the water
I've been lost for many times
I've been waiting for many months to come back in my country
After our victory over the Trojan enemy
Me... Ulysses... searching for the road of salvation!
Today, arises another trial
Wizard Medea has warned me of the danger
The peril of sailing near Anthemoessa Island
Land inhabited by malefic creatures
Birds women, cruel virgins, famous sirens
Who charmed the most intrepid sailors
To wreck them on reefs
And devour them with no mercy
I have undergone many hardships...
I have defeated many monsters...
But this time... how could I struggle against such deadly angels?
How resist their bewitching voices?
Their so captivating and perfidious tunes?
Me... Ulysses... searching for the road of salvation!
Setting sun is just beginning
The sea is abnormally quiet and there is a sudden breeze
A breathless calm settles on the waves
And my crew is seized by terror
Here we are!
Sirens are approaching...
Only I can resist their dangerous organ
I make my companions plug their ears with wax
And make them tie me to the ship mast
Ordering to them to tie it tighter
Every time I moan for them to release me
Under the hold of this terrible malediction
Their admirable voices fill my heart with the desire to listen
I will not resist... Please, unchain me!
But more I scream, more my sailors tighten even more
The ties that imprison me
While the rest of the crew rows even more forcefully
To leave this damned island
Me... Ulysses... once again I have won!
I have survived the terrible sirens!
Now, can I continue my destiny
And find at last... the road of salvation!

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