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Krokus - Mashkhith lyrics

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Mashkhith by Krokus

By ancient ages of the glorious Egypt
The land of the mighty Pharaos
Tales described as the kingdom turned into the future
Human sacrifices for gods'beliefs
Your sun hasn't to die
Keep it high in the sky, full of dying stars
Dreamland, when your sun becomes ashes,
Burning under the sun of pardon
Dreamland, when your sun becomes blood,
Flowing from the beheaded corpses of the newborns
Sunland, when your sand becomes dust,
Covering the shame of the almighty
Sunland, when your sun becomes tears,
Killing the empty world of uncomprehension
The breath of silence comes from the sphinx
He sees all, hears all and guesses all
His eges into the horizon
He keeps the three divinities
Mashkhith, the rebel angel... the exterminator
Created by the eternal... on the sixth day
Jaheweh said he had to kill the newborns
And spread leprosy on this holy land
Mashkhith, servant of the malefic union
Created to exterminate, undivine warmachine
Mashkhith like a warmachine
You spread death anywhere you walk
Creature of god, son of the unlight
You spread the dark plague, you give birth to death
Mashkhith is your name, spoken with fear
Terrified mothers beseech god
Not to believe what they see
Among the bloody corpses, they search for they children
The slaughter has done no survivor
Storm and rain begin to unleash the sky
Water, tears and blood make only one on the grief path
I am Mashkhith, don't forget my name
There is no future, there is no past
Your fate is to suffer
Under the tyranny I reign in master
And descent into the evil wrath
In the dephts from which no one is back... die !!!
Dreamland, when your sun becomes ashes,

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