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Kristin Rybinski - My First Love lyrics

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My First Love by Kristin Rybinski

I had my first love
When I was thirteen years old
I know it was a school boy crush
But I thought she should be told
I said "Baby, do I love you.
I love you with all my heart"
But she threw it back in my face,
And that tore me all apart
I had lots of crushes from that time on
Nothing that I'd call love
Till the one day a woman walked into my life
She must have been sent from up above
It started out pretty normal
She had a smile that would make me melt
Then it took a turn down a greater path
And I had to tell her how I felt
I said "Baby, do I love you
I love with all my heart.
Please don't throw it all back in my face
Because it'll tear me apart."
To my surprise she was speechless
She had never been like that before
But I knew what was in my heart
And she deserved to know
I figured it was over now
And it was time to go
But as I turned to leave she grabbed my hand
And let her heart flow
She said "Baby, do I love you.
I've loved you from the start.
But I was scared that if I told you,
You would break my heart."
Ten years have passed since then
Two kids, a house and wife
Sometimes I think back on that day
And how it changed my life
I find myself just looking at her
And all that she has done
And I can't help thinking to myself
How much I really won
Then I say "Baby, I really love you,
I love you with all my heart
You're the only true love I've ever known,
And I've loved you from the start."

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