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Krayzie Bone - Shoot the club up lyrics

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Shoot the club up by Krayzie Bone

Krayzie Bone:Thug Mentality 1999
Buck! Buck! Buck! Buck! Buck!
So if these muthaf**kers want to see your nuts, show your nuts/ Let the slugs
bust, shoot the club up
(These niggas scandalous, scandalous/ Good thing we packin, packin)
Tonight, we goin' out to the club/ We about ten-deep/ Everybody looked thugged
out, f**ked up
Park the car, smoke a lil' more/ We drink a little more/ Niggas, somehow we get
the mentality;
f**k everybody/ We come here to party, but I know somebody gon' try me-n-keep my
uprisin'/ Anyway nigga, we straight to the V.I.P/ Excuse me, we need some
hennessey/ While my
niggas is rollin' the sticky/ Puff-puff-pass it-pass it back quickly/ That's
when I heard the record skip
(They fightin') Security sprayed they mase/ Thru all the commotion some nigga
jumped right out the car
Ran up in my face/ Before I could even do somethin', my nigga done rushed him
Took his ass to the floor/ Now here comes some more/ Now we got a war goin' on
Tryin' to get back out the door/ And we got our backs against the wall/ Naw, We
don't plan to fall
Y'all, cuz we did not get searched/ We all got pistols in our drawers
We heard a shot, sh*t! Them niggas, my niggas we dropped down to the pavement
Bass from the D.J. went blank/ Everybody runnin' tryin' to get the f**k up out
this place/ I pulled out my gun
Like Double-0-7; rolled under the table/ Unload, reload/ Every muthaf**ker in
the club folded up
on the floor/ Niggas was rootin', tootin', shootin'/ Security been ran up out
the club/ Hardly anybody
left but thugs, we drunk as f**k; finna shoot this muthaf**ker up/ Niggas was
runnin' up
on us like they been waitin' for this sh*t to happen (What's happenin'?) For me
to get caught in a club riot
But my thugs tight/ And I can't believe this sh*t; nigga caught up in the middle
of a warzone
(The warzone) but nigga if you know a Bone then you know that we get down with
the dirty with
the chrome; never leave it home/ Put it to your dome and I let it go/ Can't let
these niggas run up
on me/ They b**ches/ I put another clip in/ Unload some more; keep spittin'/ I
never can understand
If security's got the door then why so many niggas in here got guns? And I can
testify that cuz
I just shot one/ Good thing, nigga packed that vest and my weapon (weapon)
Cuz I'd sure take a strippin' if a nigga caught me slippin' without no

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