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Korovakill - It's A Fool's World lyrics

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It's A Fool's World by Korovakill

You goddamn ShadowHordes, I've watched behind your Play
Now I know all your Games of mesmerizing Fright
My whole Life was repressed by your false Ideas
Models flogged into my Head - now you are unveiled
Circus is closed, the Flocks trapped in Circles
Crippled Puppets hang on the Wheel
Chuckling Mechanics full of my Vomit
Our Realm is not of this World
Falling down through the Cyclone of Mania
Right into the Eye of the Storm
Lost are the Fools all around
In the Black of the Void waits the Gold of the All
The Carnival is over - The Clowns come to an End
The Mirrors of my Madness crystallizing bright
This stupid Melody of Robot Dolls and Gnomes
Does endlessly repeat until I'll be at Home
Fountains explode from the Mouth of the Dragon
As Cattle Mask falls down from his Golden Face
The Fangs of the Lion drill deep through the Flesh of the Bull
On the Day when Korova was killed
Slain are the Herds, for too long they have gathered
To hinder the Flight of the Eagle so cruel
Now overflown and destroyed are their Stables, consumed
For it's just a Fool's World
Such a Fool's World

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