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Kool Keith - Move lyrics

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Move by Kool Keith

(feat. Marc Live)
[Kool Keith]
Aww yeah
Navigation defect
Boost out the maximum motherf**kin power
X-ray log intruder, what's the control?
There's your number, leave the three, general justice
p**s in your tosh system, neon lights shine
Glow in the dark, urination, wet up the computer
Oversearch, cosmic sensational
Watch your b**ch squat
Distorters move they thongs off
Who that captain up front? Watch who the kid
Counteract, take a sh*t in the cockpit
Underarm aroma with the dark pit
Don't let me bounce like
Y'know, catch a clock with
Yeah, people jock sh*t
My pen control the forces
My stamina burn your sources
[Chorus 2X: Marc Live]
Move, get out, run for cover
Break out, call your mother, stop talkin
Don't come in the area, bomb terrible
Lose your mind, count your blessings, this is mental
[Kool Keith]
Yeah, the song repeat, the public complain
Every jam is whack, the p**s, comin on the number ten station
The number one nation, sh*t turds
On B-E-S spins like Casey Kasem
Hand y'all the records
Shove all that bullsh*t up your a**hole
Local bastard with upset stomach who barely fart gold
On new hot nine, old release the SCUD missile
sh*ttin the toilet tissue, defecation is the issue
My dick rise up, in the condom with elevation
I make money, like you hustle
My way up, ride planes b**ch like you you and you
Open your f**kin package, ground delivery
FedEx KFC bucket full of horse sh*t
The farm send you motherf**kers the turtles
I give you doodoo, kidnap with voodoo
Hold your diarrhea blast, come straight forth
b**ch, cock your ass, chocolate brown
Cover your white poodle, f**k you
Shove the bullsh*t playlist up your boo boo
Plastic ass nigga, you ain't accurate ass nigga
That clown-ass buildin beside track, he get sidetracked
Lick dick fast nigga cut grease
Twelve inches f**ked up, Marc turn that sh*t off, they suck
Play me, when you get that grey beard
I don't give a f**k
[Chorus] w/ echo

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