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Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo - Recoupment lyrics

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Recoupment by Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo

Kool Keith:
One of the greatest Italian restaurants.
I go here all the time.
Me and my wife.. we love this place.
Uh, lemme get my book outta my briefcase
To let you guys know how you're doing.
Oh, I love how your guys records.
You guys are hott! You just hot... aw.
We understand that you have a very big record on the radio.
You guys are big now.
We paid millions of dollars for that slot.
We spent one million dollars.
We've rented aloot of anorexic girls to stand and grab you
Guys and make you look very macho. We've rented titties
For your video. We've rented Bent Lees, we've rented a Benz.
We rented basically everything to blow you guys out of here.
And girls.. you too. We just can't cut a check right now.
I'm afraid we just can't cut a check. You haven't recouped.
You don't have a stage show.
I mean I called Carroll Lewis, she can't use any of you guys.
My suggestion is.. you keep your fucking jobs at 7-Eleven.

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