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Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo - Nba Superstar lyrics

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Nba Superstar by Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo

"And the Rockets in the penalty, and that's one of the things we talked about
earlier. For a guy who you can see now is one of the greatest stars of the
league, he is such a team first player, and such an unselfish player."
"When you say that this guy is averaging right at 27 points a game. And then you
say that he's doing it in rebounding, and then also in assists. He's shooting
48% from the field, but in shot attempts he's under 18 a game. So he maximizes
so that all of the rest of the guys who are playing with him are happy. Because
he's not shooting a low percentage, he's not hogging the ball, he's not
breaking the patterns, he's staying within everything that we're doing."
[Kool Keith:]
I'm that busy Globetrotter, watch you turds skitty-scatter
Do one titty matter? Your girl's an overweight mammal
I work up court, y'all can D up on my handle
I pee on your spot, take your startin slot
Slam my cock in your jaw 'til your bracelets and arms rot
I will jerk off if her booty stink, cause my palm is hot
The crowd watch me jump up and touch the 24 second clock
You ain't no threat, youse a lucky come-up
With a histerectomy from the second block
Your wife smokin lookin for a second rock
Nuts filled up to the top, you remember choc'
Across the street from Donut King, maneuver with donut swing
[Keith: voice lowered]
Man you better leave basketball alone and take your panties home
Man you better leave basketball alone and take your panties home
Ask Paul Silas, the coach of Anthony and Jerome
My pee stick to the floor I will block your baseline
Your inbound lay-up no matter how much coke you put up your ass
Even with a bunch of kids around you behind you you still can't stay up
Come on faggot, take out your Tampax and crush your heart bra
and set a new play up

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