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Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo - Foul cats lyrics

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Foul cats by Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo

Intro/Outro: repeat 2X
Foul cats scheamin up the setup
Tryin to leave me and my cream wet up
Two in the head, leaded up
Call the coroners to make they bed up
Infrared sh*t from neck up
Before they got to lit the tec up
[Kool G Rap]
It was a setup, my nigga got hit, they blew his chest up
The hollow tips ripped his vest up, son is messed up
and blessed up; call my cast up -- it's time to dress up
Four-fifth and Smith-n-Wessed up, ready to press up
and f**k their nest up, the enemy is Hennessey to sessed up
Actin up, hit my motherf**kin man up
Never again will he stand up, yo Big Jan hook the plan up
Pull the masks, pull the van up
These niggaz tryin to hit the fam up; these small times cats
Yo f**k that, I can't see that, where them niggaz be at?
Where they hang at? Where they live at? Where they slang at?
(Aiyyo Son one is a known cat, he walk around with the chrome gat
This hoodrat know where the nigga home at)
Well here's a quarter baby, go and phone that
This motherf**ker bout to get his sh*t blown back
His whole dome clapped, we cock back the gats and started cruisin
Up the boulevards and avenues-n, I'm short fusin
and two biscuit usin; mad hot but, not in the mood for losin
We hit the strip pickin up clues and
we on the heels of this nigga shoes and
out the blue when, we see the chick the nigga screwin
Pushin his whip with the ice cuban
Hemmed her up sweet, put heat to her wig piece, the zig piece
to this nig's beefs, this b**ch named Charise
from East New York, listen b**ch, you better talk
Or get your whole frame surrounded, with white chalk
Pulled the rat in back of the van, b**ch we don't want you
we want your man, you understand?
The hoe said, "Please, I got his house keys, the nigga got
five keys and mad cheese, a hundred G's"
Lie to me b**ch you gettin one of these
Four-five C's in both knees, she said, "Honestly I promise G
I'm not lying," then the hoe started crying
We hit the road me and my niggaz flying
to the crib in Jackson Heights, the nigga live three flights up
He type buck, but I ain't givin a f**k
Grab his b**ch up, make the hoe go first in case
the nigga buck, open the door up, and put the stunt in front
Then we all started creepin, he stretched out
up on the sofa sleepin, yeah me and my cats standin there
just peepin, money's about to get laced
My nigga Ty threw a glass of whiskey in his face
Big Jan ready to blaze the place; he on his way
to Amazing Grace -- nigga woke up and saw the big guns
Me and my two sons, he knew he was done
You hurt a loved one, step back about to let him have one
Yo f**k that, aiyyo black, where the sack of heroin at?
I'm bout to give cat some motherf**kin railroad tracks
We dumped the whole bag inside a spoon and left the room
to heat that, and came right back, yo grab the nigga arm black
Put raw sh*t in the nigga vein, watch the needle drain
Went from being restrained to mad 'tane
Less than a moment nigga started zonin
His mouth foamin, lookin like he posessed by The Omen
His b**ch was reachin for the phone and, I had to smack her
with the chrome and, left her on the floor moanin
Cocked back, I had to finish this, know my stee'
we leave no witnesses, shot and got the f**k out the premises

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