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Knights Of The Abyss - Karmageddon lyrics

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Karmageddon by Knights Of The Abyss

Give in to your selfish greed
Blur the lines of your wants and needs
Satisfaction never tasted so damn good
Conspicuous crimes committed
You never thought you would
This time you crossed the line
Eye for an eye
I've fallen off cloud nine
Little hope that still remains
Thanks to you I've cluttered my brain
A race for a vengeance redeeming what was lost
One day you will pay, suffer at all costs
Karma is hunting you'd better get on your knees
You'd better pray all day before you're fucking deceased
When it rains it pours
Soon you will have yours
Reputation, deprave, of all that I gave
Think you'll be saved
I piss on your grave
Ripping people off to get your fix
How about I rip off your infested dicks?
Feed them to your ugly face
Your life is a fucking waste
Feeling prouder than ever
Thought that you were clever
Big pat on the back
A conscience you lack
All this bullshit won't matter
Once you're buried six feet under
You scored the plunder
We still have our thunder
What happened to humanity?
Calm the calamity
Cutting to the chase
Show your fucking face

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