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Knightowl - Do It Knightowl Do It lyrics

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Do It Knightowl Do It by Knightowl

Artist: Knightowl
Album: The Wicked West
Title: Do it Knightowl Do It
Hey yo, Chris Gunn
Drop me some of that
Good ole gangsta shit
Home boy
You know how we do it
When I step in the party
I got's to get naughty
So break out that bottle of barcardi
That 1 51 got's that bald head spinnin
I'm winnin since the beginin
All the battles that been simon
You know I gotta be the fool that's always
That's on top
Knightowl's breaks em off
Servin fools like a waiter I'm greater
You'll turn bitch like a raider
I'm not the one that's back stabbin
But I'll be the one that grabbin
Like tits I be saggin
My threads got to fit kinda of loose
Some what like pussy get's after you fuck it
Check it, I'm the one that'll wreck it
You best respect it or end up disected
My name be the one that you envy
So now I got to send the middle finger
To the rest of your crew mothafucka
Do it do it Knightowl do it
Do it homie do it
Do it Knightowl do it
Like a mtohafuckin G
Well I'm back once again
With a mothafuckin style that'll bump
All them lyrics come tight when I dump
On a track there ain't no holdin back when I bust
Knightowl be the one to wear em out like rust
Come get some of this and see what'll happen
Must I remind you
That you should never rap in front of me fool
I'm the best all around
I got the sound that is straight underground
Who needs the mothafuckin radio I don't
Just cause I won't kiss no ass they won't play me
I donc12

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