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K'naan - One Single Speech lyrics

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One Single Speech by K'naan

Awaken from the storm that washed unbelievers
Yet hasn't kept away the sinners
For it all been spoken the same
Therefore all had understood
The human ambition to raise his name
And build a tower that could...
Reach the heavens
Rise up high
And touch the light
Upon the sky
To test their power
To test their god
And build a tower
It's head in the sky
For all to see their strength
For the fear of being scattered
Had they enrage their god?
Had they forgot all common sense?
And so the lord came down from heaven
All charged with his splendouring wrath
Had they enrage their god
And forgot all common sense?
For the lord came down with wrath
And with swift punishment
[Solo: Maoz]
[Solo: Yoni]
Prevent the humans
The heavens to reach
And deprive them
Of One, Single Speech

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