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KJ-52 - Things i like (timbojones remix) lyrics

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Things i like (timbojones remix) by KJ-52

Packed clubs with kids who bug out
I'm out for the lost man, put ya guns down
Me and Five-Two about to shut the place down
I like that sound and how the bass pounds
Ride that beat, bring fire to the street
Supply that heat that will fry that beef
Like me or not, can't deny me, I'm hot
And I bet you can find me in the grimiest spots
Bringing that truth while there is truth to be got
I like how Christ puts troops on the block
Disciples in the midst of these dudes getting shot
The gospel is truth, if you choose it or not
Holla at ya boy when I cruise through the spot
Cats giving up crack by using the rock
And I like the fact cuz Yeshua is the rock
The essence of life that the tune couldn't stop
I like ya hands up, put ya hands up
Party people in the front I need ya hands up
And when ya hands up, leave ya hands up
See there's a lot of things I like
But only one thing I love
I like to remix my raps and
Get Goldinchild back and put him on the track and
Get in the studio with my G5 Mac and
Roll up my sleeves and see what starts happening
I like joking and laughing
Red Bull with a lot of ice in the glass and
Burritos with rice, hot sauce and a napkin
And I like to do the running man every time I'm dancing
I like watching TV, just chilling and relaxing
With a DVD remote control in my hands and
The greatest movie I ever seen, well it happens to be
Napoleon Dynamite, that's my man and
I like the love that I get from my fans and
I like my Air Force Ones with my big baggy pants and
I'm addicted to Starbucks, it's really kind of sad man
But this is what I like right now and I'm asking
I love the way God can just take a man
And changes him, gives him strength to stand and
I love when the world says I ain't got a chance
I love that He's the one that tells me I can
And that He just loved me first
Erased the past, freed me from the curse
And even at the times when I just act the worse
I love that He takes me back, that I don't deserve and
I love that every time I open His word
That I see in every line, every chapter and verse
That His love made Him die and that love that occurred
It left Him crucified for His love for the world
And I love that He just gives me so much
He provides way much more than enough
The rhymes that I say right now that I'm busting
I like a lot of things but He's the one I love

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