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KJ-52 - Rock with it (eat to the beat lunch mix remix) lyrics

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Rock with it (eat to the beat lunch mix remix) by KJ-52

Just one emcee and one DJ
We gonna remix it in an old school way
So just rock with it, just rock with it
Everybody in the place c'mon and rock with it
We gonna rock with it most definitely
So just rock with it, just rock with it
Everybody in the place c'mon rock with it
Once upon a time 2000 years ago
The greatest emcee ever came to rock the show
And every time he'd rhyme they would rush the door
Just to see how he was gonna bust a flow
And you know he'd roll from town to town
From city to city they would hear the sound
The party people they came from miles around
Just to check him out and watch him get down
And the beat start bumpin' and the crowd start swaying
They'd just start jumping and they kept on playing
And you know he turned the party out
He made everybody wanna scream and shout
He was the greatest emcee
He always kept it rocking in the place to be
Nobody else could top him cuz it was plain to see
That you could never stop him cuz he reigns supreme
To all my fly guys and the young ladies
You gotta open up your eyes cuz it's so crazy
Cuz he died and he rised and it's amazing
So it's word to the wise, yo DJ play that beat
Now the sucka emcees put him to the test
Used to call him names and said you ain't fresh
And they tried to throw down and they tried to mess
Plus they even tried to put him to death
See they tried and tried just to stop this cat
He was crucified and died but it's a fact
That he was gonna rise but he came back
And that's word to the wise cause it be like that
And then he rose to the sky said he'll be right back
So ya better check the rhyme and be on track
If you're short or tall or skinny or fat
Or red or yellow or white or black
If you the dope on the mic or you're just plain wack
Without Christ in your life man you ain't got that
And that's the reason that I had to bust this rap
One emcee on the mic and the DJ on the scratch
Now I just told you what you must do
And I tried to show you the only way that's true
But in the end my friend now it's up to you
See there's two choices left just for you to choose
So you need to get down with the freshest crew
Cuz they been running it now since the old school
So peace I'm out is what I say to you
And I pass it to my man just do what you do

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