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Kitchen Knife Conspiracy - The World Is Empty lyrics

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The World Is Empty by Kitchen Knife Conspiracy

It starts like this when I wake up
Everybody's gone, smiles turn to dust
Nausea sickness blindly shaking, projectile vomiting
To me, everybody sees when they look at me
Never what's inside of me, no one pities me
No one's helping me, It's always only me
Animosity overcoming me, It's so depressing
Scarring me, Novocain to me, fucking killing me
I am deciding, ignore me blindly
It's satisfying to know I'm dying
Vulgarly jaded, existence faded, life is naked
Searching me, it's in back of me
Now in front of me, it's overwhelming
Satisfied so sadistically, It's destroying me
You know what I mean, insulting me
Nervous wrecking me, redefining me
It's right in front of, in front of me
And inside of me, it has taken me
You are not the only one who sees life through screwed up eyes
I sever the health, sever the nerve
Sever the stem at the root
I sever my wrist, sever my life
Sever myself at the throat
Life is ending, I'm not sorry for the mistakes I have made
I am real from disasters in my mind
Subconscious unknown cost

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