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Kitchen Knife Conspiracy - Greed lyrics

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Greed by Kitchen Knife Conspiracy

Deny everything, nothing is real,
Rely on no one, opportunity steals
Tighten your collar and loosen your belt
As the rich get richer, the poor go to hell
Close your eyes, drown in the flood
Cover your lies, drenched in blood
Scratch at my skin, tear out my brain,
Scream to the heavens, call me insane
Black from disease, sick of screams
Scared of words and TV scenes
Deception, lust, children raped,
Sick of life, no escape
Nothing to lose, money to gain,
Smell of sex, endless pain
Deception, Betrayal, Lies
Cracked out whores killing friends
No remorse, walking dead
Under the skies, above my sheets
Visions of saviors and rotting meat
Hardcore dreams and twisted thoughts,
Happiness cannot be bought.

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