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King Arut - Thug Magic lyrics

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Thug Magic by King Arut

(King Arut)
Ay Shawty Ambulence Rack Em Up
Body Bags Pack Em Up
White Sheets Blooded Up
Mean Mug Your Buddy Up
Tell Them Niggas Buddie Up
I Catch Em While They Huttled Up
They Feel Ever Tuckk Wen The Pistol Go Te. Te. Te.
Run Up In Your Girl Crib
Now She All Like But... But... But...
I Aint Trynna Hear That Shit
Aint Nobody Innocent
I Aint Wanna Hear This Shit
I Got Her Wit A
I Took Out A Bag Of Cock And Sprikled Just A Little Bit
Know Who You Dealing Wit
A Full Hand Of Aces
I Shuffle Wit Kings And Cutt Of Queens
And This Hear Is Were The Bull Shit Cutt Of
You Nah Mean?
You Couldnt See Me With Some High Beams Thug Magic In The Air
"I Asked My Baby Want Some
Sun Screen" [King Laugh]
Shawty Smell So Clean
Cuz If You Can Get It On "Ay
Shawty Ima Play My Song" Niggas
On Da Runway So Go... But It Fair
Bout What Dey Say... Jus Say (U-Huh)
I'm Wit K.Jezzy Baby
(Lil Mama)
It's Little Mama voice of the young people
Mouthpiece for the young breeze so slow ya speed... Whoa!
I'm about dat fetty, about that dat dough, about dat flow
After me that's as far as it goes
Cause Little Mama got whips and chains
The only time you see it bark is at a tear for I'm a walk ya game
Been G'd up since Hawk was lain
So you doubt me you doubt ya brain
Must, must be insane to ever thinkin' that a chick like B could ever, ever see a chick like me
That's Crazy!
And if you ever thought that it might be
Then you betta step ya J-O-B, Up Baby!
Been crazy since I was a baby!
Now ya girl switch write bars and spit crazy
Let the whole world know I gets crazy!
Wit da music I make it hot
Thug Magic Fo Me Is Anotha
Top-ic Listen To This They Feelin My Style Lovin My Posture The Way I Break It Down The Industry Got A Problem 16 Spit A Hot 16 Like No Problem Yeah The Deal 16 Mill You Got A Problem You Start Them Ima Come Finish Them Like My Name Sonya Blaze I???? Most Chick Teenage Rappers Kno I Put It In I'm Gowin In Everytime I Touch The Pen Then Again Is What They Say Before They Test Me My Hot Tracks They Keep Gowin Like I'm Jetly Trust Me All Who Write Gotta Respect Me Trust Me I Dos Right Gotta Contest Me don't Let Me Get Beside Myself Cause Then I Double Myself that's How You Trouble Yourself Me Plus Me Equals Eweee She Got It Bad Skill-Sum Path Of Mine Grown Women Never Had
Don't get it twisted lil mama got my paper on
That means I'm a paper chaser I chase my paper on
And I know we chasin paper that you be chasin on
I just deliver the lyrics that people focus on
Hands and a boob and a chopped up song
Put it in a store and they go cops on
Everybody know that it's no combo
Ya Betta lay low like popo
Case ya aint know betta already know
I gos in like project so
So get it biggie mama b-r-double o-k-lyn drama
(King Arut)
Thug Magic Is My Song So Shawty
Get It On, On Da Couch or On Da
Phone Call Kinggg So I Can Tap
Dat Booty Fo Ya (Hee Hee) I'm
Ballin Dis Shit but I Can Get
It On Anyway But Lets Say
I Did It Wit Shawty... Now
Shawty Wanna Thug She Also
Hug You Know I Aint Got Dat
Love But She Wanna Get It On
But Plus I don't Like It When
She... Urkkkkkk (Lil Mama Cutting
In) Maybe I don't Want You
Fo A Man I Need One Of Dem
Wyclef Clans But You Kno I
Need Ya King Cuz I Aint
Gonna Make Nun... Urkkkk Ima Take
You Down Town Shawty Get
Dat Thug Magic (U-Huh)
(King Arut)
A millionaire I'm a young money millionaire
What chyall really want it naw
Y'all don't really wanna do it
If hip hop is dead I am the embalming fluid
And I don't care who it be, I'm steppin to it
Notice I say 'it' cause to me, it ain't shit
Get. it.
Call me whacha like trick?
Call me on my sidekick
Never answer when it's private
Man I hate a shy chick
Don't you hate a shy chick
I had a plate of shy chick and she ain't shy no mo'
She changed her name to my chick
Hahaha, yea boy that's my girl
And she pops excellent up in waynes world
Totally dude you should
See their faces when they see that
This robot can move
And it's say...
Hahaha, yea
And it go...
That's right
Thug Magic

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