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King Arut - Fresh lyrics

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Fresh by King Arut

Shhh (I'm Fresh)
U-Huh Cuz I'm Fresh
U-huh (Yep) Got My
Fresh White Tee (Yep)
Got My Fresh White Kicks
Cuz All Of Dis Is My Type
Shit Urkkk... Hold On...
Ya Bitch Love Me
We don't Even Have To Meet
But If I Run Into Her
Believe Me I Will Do Her
And If That Bitch Is Crazy
Believe I Will Sue Her
Got Some Hungry Ass Lawyers
That Would Eat Ass Her Up And Chew Her And Spite Her Out
I don't Know How You Love Her
I Wish I Never Knew Her Cuz Shawty
Right Der Will Never Get To Me
But the tourists come down and spend too many dollars,
And no matter how you change it, it will still be ours, cuz when money in trouble bitch he want da same thing cuz nigga imma ride wit dem muthafuckas cuz they try to be like me so dey get in plane and fly away home cuz I'm fresh (what homles)
I'm fresh (come on) cuz I'm fresh
(come on) yall hoes wanna nigga like me cuz I'm fresh (come on)
When dat soilder
Come back he gonna
Get a money call
Jockin on dem haterz
Man cuz dey look like a
Fuckin wyclef clan cuz I'm fresh
(come on) We rich sue us
Snitch leave em
Bitch sue us
Pushin up daisies, roses, petunias
Weights, funerals, service, communion
I'm hotta than the mother fuckin hot boys reunion...
Cuz I'm fresh I only be fuckin with niggas that's earnin with me
If you try then you gon die, on fire, cuz I'm so high watch how we burn this city cuz I'm fresh (come on) last time We livin in a whirlpool u gotta eat or get ate
And you look like bait
Don't u stick one hand over the gate
This dog treat u niggas just like steak... dinner
I'm that nigga take a break
My fuck up is a perfect mistake... I'm great
Murder renegade music my flow stupid cuz I'm fresh

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