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King Arut - Dis Aint No Walk In The Park lyrics

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Dis Aint No Walk In The Park by King Arut

(Hee, hee, hee)
I'm a young playa nigga, (what)
I get the game from the big tymers, nigga (what, what)
Who else? (Speak on it) On the real nigga, on the real nigga
Respect the game
Cuz I got the game (U-Huh)
This Aint No Walk in The Park
If ya askin why But on the other hand, I'ma keep running man
I got about a hundred coming up with three Hummers man
We stuntas man
I might stumble across a grand and give it to you wifey
And watch how she *slurp* on my pipey like a Icee
I might be in a Range that night
I might be in a Lex watching the game tonight
I got a hundred on Kobe, hope he playing it right
But if I lose, it's cool, that's some change lil shit
That ain't nothing
I ain't doing nothing if I, I ain't stunting
Hold up, girl be quiet, The King coming.
This Aint No Walk in The Park
Right now we still in the kitchen man
You checkin out them bitches booties right (I know)
Yea, but lets move on man, I got plenty more house to show you man
Plenty mo Rutledge to give you
You know, let's go man
Cuz Dis Aint No Walk in
Da Park if dats what ya
Thinkin bout nigga get off
Before ya get fist full
Of mouth Eh, it go whoa oh me oh my ay ay
I'm H-O-T-B-O-Y ay ay
I'm so fly I'm the Birdman Jaya
Stunting in the gray uh
Shortie play your player
Slick clean hey ya
This my lil' dude marley man
He hold me down, know what I'm talking 'bout
I'll show you the rest of the house later man
You wait right here, I be back
RUTLEDGE... Rutledge... rutledge
I'm right here shawty don't
Be alarmed niggas need to stop
Hatin cuz you all in my arms
Fifteen riding with me spray ya
You don't want no drama with me play fa
Keep low or it's murda she wrote pussy nigga
I gotta keep it cooking cuz the streets still hot for a shooking
Plus my late pops still looking
Bust my tray quick if ya hate the pimp
Think it's all big fish I don ate the shrimp
Roll out with the hood cuz I'm so damn street
I rep Hollygrove and Hollygrove rep me
And that's how K.Jeezy be
And y'all gon R-E-S-P-E-C-T me
Ayyyy Dis Aint No Walk in Da Park
(U-Huh) Cuz hommie Come and get it, anyone can get it
But since I'm the president, I'll be a lil more politic
I'm chillin in the clinic
Cause dats how many nurses, I got working on my dizzick
Snakes in the grass, rats, lizards
But 'round here, snitches don't exist like wizards
Hoe this ain't punch, I'm sippin on some sizzurp
I roll a fat joint, and do my fingers like scissors
Da game so cold, I done had my share of blizzards
But now I got dat big money runnin like rivers, nigga
I'm hear to get my shit straight, burner on the hip waist
Leave a nigga street full of bones, like a fish plate
Yea, I'm from the hood, but now I'm livin in a rich way
Swear I got on my knees, and thanked God for this day
So say what you wanna say
I need to throw a cup of water in my face
1st place, I...
Cuz Dis Aint No Walk in Da Park...
Hold Up Wait A Minute let me
Put some PUSSY in it... Pussy
Monster in Dis BITCH let
Me get it let me hit it
Let me bite dat PUSSY
Like a (urkkkk) Get to da
End Cuz Dis Aint No Walk
In Da Park...

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