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King Arut - Balla Life lyrics

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Balla Life by King Arut

(King Arut)
They call me big shots, they say dat I'm da man...
If u get Charter u can see I'm on demand
But I don't even trip when da fame is around me
They say dat I'm da best and it's like they bought to crown
Me... Ha I don't know why but I'm like mj when I head fo da skys...
Ma jumper so smooth lik Kobe n Lebron my crossover SICK like nash on da
Suns. Dunkin like MJ shooting lik Bird when I break glass da blood burst
Out his shirt hahaaa I kno da game so good dat I play n ref da game in 8 hoods I can't stop the flow cuz my dribble mit elose control
So I stop and pp the 3 like a pro
[NBA Broadcasters]
(King Arut)
Yea my swag so official so u can't jock it I'm
Burning like da sun and hotter than hot pockets
Fresh everyday n I kno u can't strike got 99
J's n 102 nikes I'm better than the buffet at
Golden corral but when I'm spitting my raps it hits all
Over town. Not on da radio not in ya car but I'm rappin
Like I'm da best there was from da start yea I kno
I'm da greatest kid yet I can rap n ball lik dat
Dude from marquette. Basketball is a game for
Atheltics and greats... Like Kobe Bryant when he
Be killin lik earthquakes. I pray everynight to
Be safe and protected. So when they try fight back
Niggaz kno dey detected. AK-47 by my side so u no dey
Can't touch me I shoot em up but u mite see me on tv ya dvd
Or vcr maybe on radio speakers in ya car still not trynna send
Out the wrong message but the truff is da truff and u no wat it is
(King Arut)
It's a balla life for a ballin felon hey not me... talking bout lil
Kevin ha don't know what gilbert talking bout had 4 pistols in his
Locker and now for da season...
I ball and rap lik I'm gifted ima supprise yall like when oj got acquitted
When I ball it's so unfair I shoot and pop da 3 n u unaware
I put more damage on the rim then shaq on da magic when I rap
It's just so tragic I would keep rappin and make u look worse
But it's a pain to just sit there n call the nurse
(King Arut)
Almost done so let me say ima finish dis rap n freestyle all day...
Yo lil nigga so u think u bad
U need to get a pink n white writin pad
Take notes cause I'm about to destroy you
And this shit here is way overdue
Homie this shit here is my life
Ima open this up like a switch blade knife
I hope u will learn somthing today
I leave people in a disarray
This shit right here is unfair
I'm so gifted and and my talent is very rare
U never seen this shit so clean
To measure the damage on u we will need a machine
Cause it's just sad all this shit I'm doin to you
Battelin me is somethin like taboo
Cause I will massacure you just like jason or freddy
I'm comin at ya and I don't care if ur ready

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