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Kimmie Rhodes - West Texas Heaven lyrics

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West Texas Heaven by Kimmie Rhodes

I left West Texas heaven (it was the only one I've ever known.)
I've been on the road down here driving with my blinders on.
All life was to me was like a truck stop where you want to stay.
I never even saw it when you built your dream right in my way.
No, I just passed on through it like a lonely town.
Playing in my head I heard this music like a radio
in another town somebody turned on somewhere down the road.
Everywhere I turned I tuned in something that you had to say.
Your signal never cleared I guess it matters that you're so far away.
So, I just passed on through like a lonely town.
I left West Texas heaven. No, I guess I'm never going back that way.
Did your love get lost,Babe,or did your love just get misplaced?
Everywhere I go the ghost of you just follows me.
Everywhere I go I hear you whisper down my empty streets.
Everywhere I go looks like a lonely town.

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