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Kimmie Rhodes - Desert Train lyrics

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Desert Train by Kimmie Rhodes

Desert Train.
I'm gonna take you down.
Makes no difference, where you're bound
I'm gonna ride.
Rockin' in the cold steel under the Desert Train.ÿ
Desert Train.
You got a voice like thunder.
Youÿ got a song that makes me, have to wonder
What it's like - to fly like a bat 'outa hell on a
Desert train.
Gone like a ghost standin' in the shadows,
Gone like a tumble weed when the wind blows,
Gone like the souls who vanished from the plain.
Gone like a dream of days gone by,
And gone like a string of box-cars flyin',
Gone in the belly of a whale of a desert train.
Came out here.
Washed my hands.
Cleansed my sins; and then
Anxious and
AH BUT I found no place here to hide my sorrow.
Desert Train.
I'm a lot like you.
On my own.
Passin' thru this plain.
Take me through the dust storms ofÿ tomorrow.
And I'll be (repeat chorus 2x)

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