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Kim Hyun Joong - Thread (Poetry Version) lyrics

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Thread (Poetry Version) by Kim Hyun Joong

She's the sole creationer, she takes the end in her hands
she will trust when others scoff
she'll bloody up her hands
in a laugh she'll warm your anger, anxiousness, and fits
she begs your pardon wordlessly
as she kisses and she spits
she molds the darkness in her hands like a Giant crushing coal
and once the diamonds shine she cannot see them anymore
she runs out laughing in the rain, and sweats in Summer's scorching sun
she leads the lesser men to her, and when they arrive
she's done
but He bites her cheek and she's surprised
they eat the drink and spill the wine
they wrestle with their decible
they are screams in hot delight
he commands his army like a schizo puppeteer
he would rather scratch her face than admit to any fear (shhh!)
he'll tantalize the others, just to bask in the effect
he still believes in heaven, so he's all obsessed with death
she ripped her skirt and felt more free
she attracts unwanted idolatry
she makes sweet love to her own distress
while religion rages in the folds of her dress
she's words of acid through charming lips
she's Magellan in the bedroom with a Machiavelli twist
she is sucking the tears from her lovers' eyes
she is lying when she tells you that she'll never lie
he licks her toes and she's impressed
they wander aimless to the rarest crests
they reveal each other's softness like it's the hottest flame in hell
and secretly they know that it can never last this well.
he can reek of alcohol and break up with his soul
he performs the blackest magic to terrify any and all
There's thread around his pinky to remember to forget
that he should care for something that he hasn't lost yet.
she applies foundation to remember to forget
that she should care for something that she hasn't lost yet
Dilapidate yourself and darling surely you'll forget
that you should care for something you haven't lost yet.

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