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Kimberley Locke - It's alright lyrics

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It's alright by Kimberley Locke

She was so attractive
Her parents so protective
Met a little boy with a Lexus
They made out on a mattress
She thought he loved her
But now he don't even bother
Had a little baby named Donna
But Donna ain't got no father
Seventeen, candy curls
All they saw was a dumb young girl
spend a little dough, talk a little game
Look what that got you babe
She was young and she didn't know
All they play on the radio
All they show on the video
How could she say no
It's all right, it's okay
You ain't gotta explain a thing to me
I know what it's like lookin' for someone to love
It's okay, it's all right
You can come stay with me tonight
You can cry on my shoulder
So baby just come on over
It's all right
It's all right
Brenda lived in Michigan
Always seemed a little different
Met another girl at the college
And came out of the closet
All her friends she had before
They don't come around no more
She feels so abandoned
won't even leave her apartment
Hates her life, hates herself
Just wants to be like everybody else
Can't go home, can't go home
What will they say
She went away
She was young and innocent
She gave in to prejudice
No one came to her defense
Haven't seen her since
It's all right, it's okay
It's okay, it's all right
It's okay if you wanna stay
It's all right if you wanna go
My arms are open wide
I just gotta let you know
no matter what they say i'm gonna stay right by your side
I'll be right there for you
Everything's gonna be all right
All right
It's okay, it's all right
You can cry on my shoulder

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