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Kill Your Idols - Empty room lyrics

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Empty room by Kill Your Idols

Will someone be waiting when I get home? The same dust buildups, no messages on my phone? Everything as I left it, my stuff well rested, Everything I own untouched by you. WHAT WILL I DO? (Chorus) How long will it take to fade the old wounds? There is no fading from an empty room. Your spirit is still here with me, It's just something I no longer see. (verse 2) I remember the candles, the candles burning, I remember the feelings, the feelings yearning. Coming home and finding you asleep in my bed. I remember the things we said, WE SAID. (repeat chorus twice) Now things are different, SO DIFFERENT, between us. No reason to cry, I WON'T CRY, or make a big fuss. Hold out your hand, TAKE MY HAND, you know I'm there for you. Call me on the phone you know I'm there for you

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