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Killing Heidi - Not for me lyrics

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Not for me by Killing Heidi

I was watching as the wall it fell,
How hard it was and who could tell?
Saw you run look for a place to hide,
Exposed to all those on the other side.
You walk so tall, think you know it all, but you don't,
you think you got me pinned, think your gonna win-but you won't
No you won't.
Oh you said i would be nothing without you, but now i see it was
All just about you.
I'll never be what you wanted me to be,
An' now i see that your nothing without me.
Time bomb ticking like a ticking clock,
Once the fuse is burning there's no way to stop,
See me coming when you see the light,
All the way to hell but you can't make it right.

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