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Killer - Simplistic lyrics

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Simplistic by Killer

Verbs are addictive, I've predicted, that your restricted,
To make it specific I'm speaking to those who spit simplistic,
And can't challenge their linguistics, yall should fix it,
Cause I'm clearly depicted, your emotions are fiction,
Think about your rhymes, take the time and analyze,
Yet I try and harmonize with your situation I can sympathize,
But yall need to realize, nobody who spit is deprived,
The alphabets not murdered, well maybe paralyzed,
You can still alter the words, and get across your feelings,
You have to be willing to go into your minds dwellings,
Start developing and don't hold back, or lose focus,
Maintain focus, and others will be provoked to notice,
Your mind is your strength, not a back up, get that shit off bench,
Your deepest thoughts should be in the starting position,
Condition your flow, and ask for pointers for your opposition,
And don't post know bullshit, meant for encryption,
Try and make it reasonable so your fellow UA/AOR soldiers can envision.
I'm been on the scene and niggas talk about scattered dreams,
Don't post no bullshit, hardships... and expect me to help your self-esteem.

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