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Kieran Goss - Fortunes rise and fall lyrics

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Fortunes rise and fall by Kieran Goss

You got your days and you got your moments
Lady luck was on your side
Standing tall, king of the castle
Smiling two feet wide
You criticise everything around you
Sipping wine with the well to do
If the tide would turn against you
Tell me what would you do
You're better off not to ask these questions
You're better off not to think at all
You might as well just count your blessings
Fortunes rise and fall
I met a man who made a million
Thought the world turned in his hand
A PhD in exploitation
Ruler of the working man
He put his money in a half baked notion
Dollar signs shining from his eyes
Good luck comes and goes like fashion
Bet it takes you by surprise
A bottle blonde with airs and graces
She's gonna be a T.V. star
She's got friends in all the right places
Driving round in daddy's car
She wouldn't hesitate to tell you
Money makes the world go round
Will the goodtime friends that hang around you
Still be there on the way down

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