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Khleo - In My Soul lyrics

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In My Soul by Khleo

Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh oh, uh oh.
Ya'll know ya'll woke up the giant, right?
I was sleepin on it
Time to cause damage.
Delivered every time, game on with every line
Any distractions or delays I left them all behind
My pops proud of me, my momma always loved me
In this game full contact with no pads, rugby!
Trust me, I'm 2O1O's best new artist
It's only March man & look at how it started
The hottest up & coming label wants me on the team
It's like we looking through an emerald, so all we see is green
These ladies feening for my verses like good sex
Song so deep they could feel it in they solarplex
That would be the stomach in case you weren't aware
All my ex's hate me, as if they ever cared
I'm sorry for the BS I'm sorry for the drama
I know you feel like everything was blamed on ya'
Not the case, so let me say, I take responsibility
Knowing that another man can hold you, that be killing me
It's as the world turns that we learn about ourselves
Life is crash course; you better wear your seatbelt
Word to Kanye West that's what saved his life
Control got these boys stuck
My flight got the green light
Yeah & all these little lames be trying to diss
They won't get the time of day
They don't know who they dealing with
They just mad so I back track, I rewind
I get cake for my thoughts, so I pay 'em no mind
Get it? I spit it
It'll later be a sentence posted on Twitter or someone's away message
Refresh this
Game cos they always want something new
Word to Soulja Boy everything he said was true
Chubby Boob Foxtail hanging off my jeans
I'm a beast with these lyrics wait till I spread my wings
To show you what I else I got tucked in my sleeve
Man I live for these moments, I barely sleep
So who the hell are you to tell me I don't belong?
Mind of a Becky, huh?
You dumb blonde
You must most not recognize that my minds set, 2O1O's my year
Imma speak it to existence
So much has changed in so little time
Man I got a dollas worth, I only lost one dime
Price Tag Octane lets push this audio in the ears real heavy
Until all the speakers blow
Track Mob I got you for Purple Yellow Mango
Soon as it drops I'm tossin you a whole bank roll
Not many people believed that Kle could do this
I did it for myself not for you or to prove it
I know I'm just talented it was just taken for granted
For all those who didn't help, I know you feeling rancid
Bad taste in your mouth now huh Jack?
I'm 'thrax
Word to Lile B of the pack
Jbar we on now it's all in the family
How would they feel if the whole SOD won Grammys?
A new age of hip hop a new sound for ya'll
We chillin in the mansion others just on bathroom stall
These dudes try to unionize to shut me down
They put up a road block, I simply drove around
DJ I'll Will imma hold you to that
Soon as the buzz big enough you damn right I'm coming back
IQ what it do man, let's get money
Energy that we got, shit they gotta give us money
Hwill I see you YG I hear you TF3rd G Austin wait for the sequel
Oh & for the past girls who hate me we ain't squashin nothing
So just let it be I don't need you & you don't need me
I don't need to hear you or see you just to breathe

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