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Kevin Coyne lyrics

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Lyrics for album: Sign Of The Times (1994)

A Flatline Blur
Ain't Skeered
All Of Everything, Erased
Another Bag Of Bones
Billion Bees
Brooklyn Boy
Brother's Blood
Cadillac Tears
Confessional At 6 P.M.
Correct Me If I'm Right
Cotton Crush
Country Sky Glow
Daddy Was A Navy Man
Fever Moon
Fingerprints And Photographs
Go Haunt Someone Else
Guys With Record Collections
Hand Of God
Heaven Bound And Glory Be
I Could Be With Anyone
If We Meet Today
It Don't Matter
It'll Go Away
It's Only Your Life
Just Stay
Less Yesterday, More Today
Letting A Good One Go
Like Cursing Kids
Longer That I'm Out Here
Lullaby For A Snow-Faced Girl
Me & My Friends
Murphy's Song
My Kind Of Song
No Time Flat
Noose Dressed Like A Necklace
Not Over You Yet
People Are So Fickle
Protest Singer
Sign Of The Times
Splitting Up Christmas
Takin' Off The Edge
That's Just Jessie
That's What I Believe
The Burning City Smoking
This Box Is Empty
Tomorrow's Just Too Late
We Rhyme
Whistling Dixie
Wolf's Mouth
Working In Quiet
Write Your Story Now
Year At A Time
You'll Only End Up Joining Them
You're My Incentive
You're Trailing Yourself
Yr Husband

Lyrics for album: Millionaires And Teddy Bears (1978)

I'll Go Too
Let Me Be With You

Lyrics for album: Marjory Razorblade (1974)

Karate King

Lyrics for album: Kevin Coyne With Siren: The Dandelion Years 1969-1972

And I Wonder
Cheat Me
Evil Island Home
Fetch Me My Woman
First Time I Saw Your Face
Flowering Cherry
Gardener Man
God Bless The Bride
Hot Potato
Mad Boy
Mandy Lee
My Message To The People
Need Somebody
Relaxing With Bonnie Lou
Sand All Yellow
Shake My Hand
Sixteen Women
Some Dark Day
Squeeze Me
Strange Locomotion
Uggy's Song
Wake Up My Children
Wasting My Time
White Horse

Lyrics for album: Other Songs


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