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Kenny Price - Super hillbilly lyrics

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Super hillbilly by Kenny Price

Well news're full of them super stars super roads and super cars
I reckon super's just a thing to be
And there's super markets and super bars and super men and super fly
Ha ha ain't this too dang super for me
Now a man just can't get to recognize unless it's got somethin' super size
Folks they just want 'em somethin' super to see
But now I got me a fine decision but ain't a good competition
As a one and only ha ha super hillbilly
Super hillbilly super hillbilly you can bet it's only one of me
I ain't gonna be no super star think I just am what I are
As a one and only super hillbilly me
[ guitar - fiddle ]
Well I'm always slipped to my best ole jeans I love to eat them beans
Why super hillbilly he lives in luxury
I ain't no groovier guy by heck and when I get my unemployment check
And them city fellers ha ha they gotta think of me
Saturday night I'm on the town my pick up truck and my old croon hound
I'm just a super sight to see
I ain't a braggin' son of a gun when I do them girls ha ha it ain't been done
By the one and only super hillbilly
Super hillbilly super hillbilly...

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