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Kendrick Lamar - I'm Da Man lyrics

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I'm Da Man by Kendrick Lamar

See, I'm the man, tell 'em roger that
I got ****es shattering glasses trying to holla back
My pockets fat, if not they getting there
That's VIP, ****a, you'll never get in there
See, I inspire conversation with dollar signs
You either talking money or just remain the mom
She got a fat ass with an amazing mind
That mean great brain
I swear to God every time I pop off that I pop a vein
Now ain't that true love?
I tell her kill Cupid and give my crew love
And you ain't getting it 'til you get in that jew love
I'm talking Seinfeld, Ben Stiller, Wall Street, bank tellers
Tell 'em you couldn't bury with two cups
Papa need his courage or face eternal extortion
I harbor around the orbit on my Darth Vader
You'll see the light saber dropping jewels, Marc Jacobs
You know

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