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ss Lyrics

Ken Carson


ss by Ken Carson

  • Artist: Ken Carson
  • Track: 24 on A Great Chaos (Deluxe)
  • Producers: Lil 88, bart how, 1kyl, Mnclzy
  • Release Date: July 5, 2024

Song Analysis and Background

Ken Carson’s track "ss," from his deluxe album A Great Chaos, combines high-energy beats with bold and provocative lyrics. The song delves into themes of luxury, substance use, and braggadocio, painting a vivid picture of Carson's extravagant lifestyle.

Annotations and Meaning

The song opens with a repetitive and rhythmic intro that sets a hypnotic tone. Carson's verses explore his habitual use of substances like promethazine and codeine, often referred to as "lean." The mention of "leaning" cleverly plays on the dual meaning of consuming lean and feeling its sedative effects. Carson references Sydney Sweeney, an American actress known for her role in the HBO series Euphoria, to highlight physical attributes and create vivid imagery. The lyric "my white ho got big titties, she remind me of Sydney Sweeney" draws a direct comparison to the actress, known for her topless scenes in the show. The preoccupation with luxury is evident in lines about designer habits and expensive jewelry. Carson’s repeated mention of Rick Owens socks during intimate moments underscores his obsession with high-end fashion, suggesting that even in casual or private scenarios, his designer choices are paramount. The second part of the song introduces a shift in flow and thematic exploration. Carson talks about his experiences at Paris Fashion Week, reinforcing his presence in elite social circles. The reference to the Eiffel Tower and his aesthetic preferences highlights his international influence and fashion-forward image. Carson’s line, "I can buy fifteen Richie Mills, why would I cop a Rolex?" emphasizes his preference for more exclusive and high-value items over mainstream luxury brands, showcasing his desire to stand out.

Technical Analysis

The song’s structure is split into two parts, each featuring distinct verses without a chorus. This format allows Carson to maintain a relentless pace, focusing on his stream-of-consciousness style. The production by Lil 88, bart how, 1kyl, and Mnclzy complements the lyrical content with a beat that is both dynamic and immersive.

Themes and Cultural Significance

Central themes in "ss" include substance use, luxury, and self-assertion. Carson’s lyrics are a testament to his lifestyle, filled with high-end fashion, designer jewelry, and the constant presence of intoxicants. These elements reflect broader trends in contemporary hip-hop, where opulence and excess are often celebrated. The cultural references to figures like Sydney Sweeney and jewelers like Alex Moss and Johnny Dang anchor the song in the current zeitgeist, connecting Carson’s personal narrative to widely recognized icons and brands. His portrayal of a lavish, fast-paced lifestyle resonates with listeners who are attuned to the glamour and grit of modern hip-hop culture.

Further Analysis of ss by Ken Carson

Ken Carson’s "ss" is a multifaceted track that warrants a deeper exploration of its themes, references, and cultural implications.

Detailed Breakdown of Lyrics

**Substance Use and Lifestyle:** Carson frequently references his "promethazine habit" and "lean habit," underscoring the recurring theme of substance use in his music. The use of promethazine and codeine, mixed into a concoction known as lean, is a common motif in hip-hop, symbolizing both escape and excess. **Luxury and Fashion:** Carson’s obsession with high-end fashion is evident through his mentions of designer brands like Rick Owens. By stating, "I was fuckin' on your bitch in my Rick Owens socks," he juxtaposes intimate acts with the presence of luxury items, emphasizing that his lifestyle permeates every aspect of his existence. The repetition of this line reinforces the importance he places on his designer habits. **Cultural References:** The reference to Sydney Sweeney serves multiple purposes. It not only highlights physical attributes but also connects Carson’s world to popular culture, making his lyrics more relatable and vivid. Sweeney, known for her role in Euphoria, embodies a certain image that Carson uses to enhance his lyrical storytelling. **Jewelry and Status Symbols:** Carson’s line, "Iced out my mouth, went Alex Moss, I don't know none 'bout Johnny Dang," showcases his preference for certain jewelers, reinforcing his distinctive taste and status. Both Alex Moss and Johnny Dang are renowned jewelers in the hip-hop community, and Carson’s choice of Moss over Dang is a statement of individuality and exclusivity. **Paris Fashion Week and Global Influence:** By mentioning "Paris Fashion Week, she wanna fuck at the Eiffel Tower," Carson places himself in the context of global fashion and culture. This reference not only underscores his influence and presence in elite circles but also enhances the international appeal of his persona. **Wealth and Materialism:** Carson’s declaration, "I can buy fifteen Richie Mills, why would I cop a Rolex?" highlights his affluence and preference for more exclusive luxury items. Richard Mille watches are among the most expensive and coveted timepieces, and this line underscores his desire to be perceived as having a unique and superior taste.

Musical and Cultural Impact

**Innovation in Flow and Production:** The song’s structure, which foregoes a traditional chorus in favor of continuous verses, allows Carson to maintain a relentless energy. The production by Lil 88, bart how, 1kyl, and Mnclzy is intricate, featuring a beat that complements Carson’s rapid-fire delivery and thematic content. **Impact on Modern Hip-Hop:** "ss" exemplifies the contemporary hip-hop landscape, where themes of substance use, luxury, and personal identity are prominent. Carson’s ability to weave these elements together in a coherent and engaging narrative highlights his skill as a storyteller and his relevance in the genre. **Social Commentary:** While on the surface, the song appears to celebrate excess and opulence, it also provides a commentary on the pressures and realities of maintaining such a lifestyle. The repeated references to substance use and the need for constant display of wealth suggest an underlying tension and the potential costs of this way of living.


Ken Carson’s "ss" is a rich tapestry of modern hip-hop themes, blending personal narrative with cultural references and social commentary. Through his vivid lyrics and innovative musical style, Carson offers listeners a glimpse into a world of luxury, excess, and the complexities that come with it. The track not only cements his place in the contemporary music scene but also invites deeper reflection on the lifestyle it portrays.

ss Song Lyrics

ss by Ken Carson

Huh, huh, huh, huh
Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh
Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh

Promethazine habit, lean habit, codeine habit
Kickstand yeah, biker, yeah, yeah, I'm leanin'
I chop the top off the McLaren, this ain't no Lamborghini
My white ho got big titties, she remind me of Sydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney, Sydney Sweeney
I rock that stick like it's a purse, yeah, my chopper swinging
Like Sydney Sweeney, my stick have them titties underneath
Like Sydney Sweeney, my b**ch titties big like double D
Emergency, emergency
Shawty just threw it back, she tryna hurt me
Yeah, yeah, yeah, shawty just threw it back, she tryna birth one
But I'm way too rich, yeah, for this b**ch, no, I can't birth none
My swag way too sick, I need an IV, yeah, yeah
Cs in my pocket, but we throwin' Bs over here
I got designer habits, I got designer habits, I can't stop
I was f**kin' on your b**ch in my Rick Owens socks
I was f**kin' on your b**ch in my Rick Owens socks
I was f**kin' on your b**ch in my Rick Owens socks
I was f**kin' on your b**ch in my Rick Owens socks
My Rick Owens socks, my Rick Owens socks, yeah
[Part 2]

I'm off the G6, they don't know if I'm talkin' 'bout the pill or the plane
Iced out my mouth, went Alex Moss, I don't know none 'bout Johnny Dang
I got unlimited jewelry, I put a X on my chain
She got unlimited pussy, I'm 'bout to f**k her for hours
Switched up my flow, he can't keep up, that boy career goin' sour
Paris Fashion Week, she wanna f**k at the Eiffel Tower
Paris Fashion Week, I'm off the ho, 'bout to get devoured
She say she like my aesthetic, all gas, no brakes, I'm unleaded
If I f**k with you, then we locked in, yeah, we dreaded
She f**kin' with me, yeah, she rubbin', yeah, her hand through my dreads
Ain't repeatin' sh*t after I speak, b**ch, I mean what I said
I can buy fifteen Richie Mills, why would I cop a Rolex?

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