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Kavla - Wild Soul lyrics

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Wild Soul by Kavla

(music & lyrics: Gerson Grecco)
Sweet heart - made of dreams - all mine
You turned the tide
Love is somethin' 'round the borderline
Together we'll fly
I believe in Love Power writin' my fate
And I believe when faces cry and cry all day
Stay with you is like a lullaby
A non sense ease
It ain't something we can go by
A real God given
Oh you can read it through my eyes
The sorrow of leaving
It will be felt when we start to cry
Pure pain and fear
Oh baby baby baby oh - forgive me!
Wild soul - made of dreams - all mine
you turned the tide
Freedom's somethin' 'round the borderline
And I think You'll fly
I believe that freedom's time should never be late
And I believe when livin' turns against the fate
The Wild Soul don't have any place
And have no future
And hopin' nothin' but mercy from Lord
No, It won't give it up
But there's no way to call me back
I won't hear
I killed everything 'bout my soul
And the surround feeling

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