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Katrina Carlson - Lost lyrics

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Lost by Katrina Carlson

Lost dreams, lost at sea
Sailin' the land of milk and honey
Lost love, afraid to say
What got lost along the way
Lost cause, tug of war
Won the battle don't know what for
Lost lives, the buried cost
How could I ever have been so
Lost in your eyes in the rush
In the power of your touch
Caught in the heart of a rising storm
Burned by the fire that keeps me warm
Everyone gets lost
Everyone gets lost
We get lost like children left behind
Running scared and running blind
Like innocence of the soul
Digging out of another hole
We're lost like time turned to dust
Going faster going bust
Like lovers stars get crossed
Nothing's gained when I'm getting
And I got lost in the wonder and the tide
It pulled me under and I
And I hit rock bottom ground
I was in deep and fading
You were waiting
You lifted me up and that's when I got found
Everyone... gets found
Everyone... gets found
Everyone... Oh, yeah...
Everyone... Oh, yeah...

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