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Karelia - Stranger lyrics

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Stranger by Karelia

We stand miles apart
While we stare at the flag with our hands on our hearts
But tonight, let us take a chance
We stand unified but when I look to my side
It's unoccupied, a buffer that hides
Ourselves from one another, but only separates
Looking out now, a pattern growing fast
The gaps are spreading quickly like an irritated rash
Some how the people all know
Can't trust your neighbor as far as you can throw him
What now? Lazing in hope won't help
Right now it's about time we show
We can stand together as long we don't
Take each other as strangers anymore
Four feet makes it easy to speak
Cause I don't want to get too close when I meet
Someone who I've known for so many years
In time, we can learn how to shout
From the ends of our yards and not worry about
Breaking the ice of our personal space

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