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Karelia - Proviso lyrics

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Proviso by Karelia

I've got no time to toy around with your cinematic antics
Don't you know that my hour's compendiary, and you know that I will disagree
So flashing money can never set a mind apart, you should know better than I
How certain folk are just immune to temptation
Oh the world's such a turbid little place here
So before you sign a waiver
Give yourself a moment to examine a little closer, I think you'll find that
No one's handing any favors
Nothing's free, there's always a price to pay
Come on it's so obvious
All along, so obvious
So set aside the show; I'm not impressed with your cinematic antics
You can try and find someone on the other side and more nefarious than me
But I highly doubt that no matter where you look, you'll never quite have in hand
The kind of cards you're looking for; they're all taken

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