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Kareem Salama - Hold On lyrics

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Hold On by Kareem Salama

The teardrops fall from his eyes at night
Too much a man to be crying in plain sight
Finds himself at the beginning again
Can't understand why he can't break this sin
I don't know who said that it was easy
To conquer the world that exists inside of me
My lights are dim and the roads are dark
But the night's always darkest just before dawn
Chorus: So hold on in this moment 'cause it might be just what you need
And you know that you're growing when you find yourself down on your knees
It's the trials of life, it's the rain and the light that make you more than just your dreams
She's like a boat that's caught in the storm
Sees the sun through the clouds but she can't stay warm
Now she's in pain and she can't bear the load
But she don't know there's something better down the road
Everything life is born then it dies
After the storms the rooted plants do rise
So let pain die and plant yourself deep
'Till this whole wide world falls down at your feet
You say that you want to fly in the sky, but you won't build the wings; it won't be
Then, you say that you want the love of your life, but you give up too easily
It's the eyes wide as you fall that make you see

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