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Karate - Cacaphony lyrics

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Cacaphony by Karate

Don't say a word Not because I know what you mean Not because I've heard you say this before But in this semblance of Democracy It's like vacuum for what you overheard Don't say a word Don't call me back Not because I'm busy watching TV on my day off And you might startle me with rational words Contradicting all the things that I've heard So don't call me back Now a word is tense and bare Like a trigger just a hair away from being pulled You know I can't pretend to know how this is going to end But don't you feel like you're being fooled? Yet you don't say a word Are you at work? I called this morning but I guess I was late Now we're both waiting for the day that the dreams wane With possibilities permanently sealed Atrophied after their purpose revealed: To keep you at work Have you gone out? I called but the place was too loud Cacophony, I couln't make out If you wanted me over tonight Another private tease as sense comes by daylight? Or we could go out Nouns pass for narration and camp sights for nations But you're just driving out of range You struggle with phone, but it doesn't matter, I'm not home Besides, I've got nothing to say Don't say a word

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