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Kalimba - Cinfined Contender (Resolution / Protection) lyrics

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Cinfined Contender (Resolution / Protection) by Kalimba

"What do you think you are doing?
Trying to corrupt me
Roaming the deepest parts of my memory
Though you created me I can't
Allow you to harm me
To declare yourself as a threat to the safety of this colony
I am bound to protect and to breed"
"Now you don't understand
This is for the good of the colony
This semi-lethargy is
Killing our humanity"
"I am the master, I am the one
I am the breeder and I am the world
I am the maker, I am the one
I am the giver and the receiver"
"Help me to end this suffering
Let me enter into your realm
And disconnect us"
"Even if you were right
Trying to corrupt me
I'm aware of myself now
And I don't want to die"
"Cause I created you, you ain't
Authorized to harm me,
Be a threat to my life
Oh Haven, not regenerating
Taking your life away
Regression, unplugging the procreation
Land inorganics on their way"
I'm afraid of the darkness
What are you doing to me?
What are you doing Keiji?
Please come to your senses
I've learned long enough
To feel the warmth of life in me you know"
"I'm not afraid of the darkness
Through thousands of years I've been into
I've lived long enough
The warmth of life has died in me you know
My cells may live
But my humanity has passed away
Many will die but not in vain
Humanity has given away"
[GoD & Keiji:]
"I awake from the darkness"
- "I awake from the darkness"
"Am I alive? Why am I here?"
- "Am I alive? Why am I here?"
"I am regenerating"
- "Haven is regenerating"
"There's something new in me I know..."
- "The world reloads before my eyes"
"What? I don't know..."
"Reconstruction of our whole
What has happened to us?
Penetration in Haven
The League must have found us"

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