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Kakistocracy - Layer Upon Layer lyrics

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Layer Upon Layer by Kakistocracy

Misplaced hate and frustration, layer upon layer. it's been built up nice and strong, almost indestructible. They didn't plan it this way, but they fed us the ideas, and now we're all full with no place to go. So we sit here and pick each other apart, piece after piece, hoping for a solution. And we wonder if there even is one, as we wander in an aimless way. We have some ideas, but just can't fit them together, for not everyone is willing to try. If only we could create an aware and peaceful setting, a utopia, but is there even such a place? Are we able to live in harmony that close to one another? Or is it human nature to create a society of violence and discrimination? Are we programmed to dislike, laugh at the expense of others, experiment with cruelty and love, all at the same time?

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